11 Wacky and Fun Office Supplies to Keep Work Interesting

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Anyone working in an office environment knows that it can be a bit of a drag, especially as time goes on. Why not spice up your work environment? Here’s a handful of fun office supplies and cubicle accessories to add a little life to your workplace.

1. Business Card File Cabinet

Office File

Business cards can take up a lot of space and get themselves lost in piles of papers constantly. If only there was a way to organize them like there is with full-size papers. Now there is! This business card file cabinet keeps your cards in order and fits right in with the office.

2. Inanimate Character Stickers

Mug and Stapler

Give your office supplies a bit of emotion by slapping on a few of these stickers. Give your mug a face that encourages you to work. Label your stapler so it’s never stolen again. Make your monitor scowl at visitors while you work. The possibilities are endless.

3. Lunchtime Decision Wheel

Office Decision Wheel

If you’ve ever had trouble trying to decide what to get for lunch, one of these wheels is perfect for you and your office. No longer will you be subject to the whims of ‘I’ll have whatever.’ Just spin the wheel and leave your lunch up to fate.

4. Caffeine Mug

Office Mug


What’s the one thing that keeps every office worker going day in and day out? If you answered caffeine, you’re probably right. The energy-supplying molecule is present in just about every mug in the office, so why not tell it like it is? This mug advertises to the world that you know what you’re drinking.

5. Floppy Disk Sticky Notes


Office Post Its


Remember the days of floppy disks? Those little plastic squares can barely hold half a ring tone these days, but they’re still the perfect size and shape for a few important notes. Spice up your memos and leave a unique message to your coworkers with sticky note floppy disks.

6. Combination Lock Pen


Office Pen


If your stationary is subject to frequent thefts, maybe it’s time to lock it down. Grab this pen and you’ll need a combination to click it and write, but you can rest assured no one will ever steal it. Even if they manage to guess your combination, it’s obvious who stole it when you catch them using it.

7. BuckyBalls Magnetic Spheres


Office Toy


One of the best types of office supplies is the kind that distracts you from the work you’re supposed to be doing. BuckyBalls has the product for you. These magnetic spheres are a fun construction item with virtually endless patterns and designs to be made. Just remember to keep them away from your PC.

8. Tetris Shape Sugar Cubes

Office Cube

Sweeten the deal with a little sugar for your coffee. Everyone uses sugar cubes, but those aren’t nearly as fun as sugar Tetris pieces. Of course, you don’t need to line up a complete row to get them to dissolve in a cup of joe. They may not be available just yet, but when they are, they’d be a fun addition to any office.

9. Like and Dislike Stamps

Like and Dislike Stamps


Let’s face it. We all spend hours a day on our Facebook accounts as it is. Now you can bring a little hint of Facebook into your office life without an Internet connection. With these like and dislike stamps you can show just what you think of any incoming paperwork in a language any Facebooker can understand. Maybe buy an extra set for when your dislike wears out.

10. Gold Bar

Office bar


Ever daydream in the office about being rich enough to have a solid gold bar lying around? Well maybe one day you will be, but for now this gold bar may be a good substitute. Of course, this one isn’t made out of solid gold, but no one will know if you don’t tell them. Use it as a paperweight, doorstop or anything else a heavy chunk of metal is good for.

11. Electronic Firefly in a Jar

Office Bug


Potted office plants are so passe these days. Everyone has a plant to take care of. Why not have something a little more active? Taking care of an actual living being is a little much for an office environment, but why not an electronic substitute? This electronic firefly hovers around and floats in a jar on your desk. As a bonus, you don’t even need to feed it.

Browse these excellent cubicle trinkets and items for something to perk up your office space. Pick them up to spice up your cubicle, or give them as gifts to your officer worker friends. A little creativity and liveliness is welcome in any office environment. Any one of these items makes an excellent addition to just about any office cubicle.

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