7 Ways To Be Healthier In Your Office

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If you have an office job the chances are the temptation to gorge on caffeine and unhealthy foods far outweighs the urge to indulge in the healthiest diet whilst enjoying a bout of strenuous physical exercise. Office life tends to lead to small comforts such as the daily cup of coffee and a Mars Bar lunch. But that can all change with the introduction of some simple additions to your routine, although one is a bit bizarre.  We’ll start there!

1. The Treadmill Desk

Nothing shows commitment to your working life and general fitness than the Treadmill Desk. It has been developed by Steelcase perhaps as a bit of silly fun or maybe as, for some people, a genuine solution to their woeful exercise regimes. The general “idea” is to have more of a casual stroll as you work rather than engaging in a full on sprint or record breaking marathon time. It comes at a hefty price, too, as it arrives at £1,200. This, along with its questionable outcome on office productivity, means it’s highly unlikely you’ll be seeing an office full of Treadmill Desks any time soon. It’s also highly advised you do not use a drinks bottle whilst using this machine!


2. Eat Healthily

The standard “Five-a-Day” has been drilled into us well by government campaigns, but few of us actually bother to keep to the very minimum of this daily routine. We all know we should be eating more vegetables, but simple changes such as switching from white to wholemeal bread, and from full/semi to skimmed milk can make a vast difference in our energy levels. Importantly, avoid processed foods, and foods high in sugar, salt and fat as these bring a high followed by an energy sapping low.

3. Drink Healthily

Most people love coffee and, in moderation, there is no problem with this. However, for variation you should try drinking alternatives. This can be a learning experience for some who simply can’t imagine life without their coffee, but alternatives are not only stimulating but good for you. You could try green tea, caffeine free alternatives like Rooibos (a South African drink), herbal teas such as mint or nettle, or fruit juice drinks such as orange juice. All are packed full of nutrients and minerals which will give a natural lift during the day. Of course, you can enjoy a cup of coffee from time to time as well.

4. Take The Stairs

This is straight forward. If there is an elevator in your workplace drop this for the stairs. Daily trips up and down several flights will help keep blood pumping through your system and raise your flagging energy levels. It will also burn off those excessive calories.

5. Head Outside At Lunch

If you are inside all day there really is no excuse to keep it this way during lunch hour – we don’t expect a view such as the one above, but this is besides the point. In all probability you work where there is at least some form of entertainment down the road; perhaps a local park or similar. It could even just be a walk to your local supermarket for some (healthy) food. Whatever you decide on, it will get oxygen into your brain and the exercise will get adrenalin going in your body. All ways to boost your body.

6. Stimulate Your Brain

This can be linked in with your lunch break, but it is also important for you to keep your mind active during the working day. As you work your mind can become unproductive as it gets locked into a routine. Regular breaks (once every half hour or so) should be enough to wake you out of this reverie. An activity like going to get a drink can be enough to get your productivity going again. Alternatively you could indulge in a game of Tetris on your computer as the puzzle solving qualities of Alexey Pajitnov’s legendary game are believed to stimulate the mind.

7. Clean Your Office

Making sure your office is clean is of a high priority as all manner of nasty bacteria can spread very easily and could quite easily infect your whole staff! An important task here is to make sure your employees keep their desk areas clear, which involves cleaning their desk and keyboard.

Another useful Office Kitten tip is to purchase plant based cleaning products to keep your work and social areas free from harmful chemicals associated with normal products.

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