8 Modern and Useful Office Gadgets

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These days the office workplace environment may seem stagnant. The image of a cubicle farm with heads lowered over paperwork is still relevant, but the toys that fill each cubicle are growing more modern every day. If you want to modernize your work environment, look no further than these useful gadgets.

1. Digital Photo Keychain

Everyone has a picture on their desk. Whether it’s their pet, their family, or even just a landscape they like, it adds dimension and personality to any workspace. For those family folk who are constantly on the go, there’s a modern solution that doesn’t risk damage to frames or photos. These digital photo frames come on keychains and can hold up to 35 pictures of friends, family and loved ones.

2. USB Powered Heated Gloves

Sometimes it’s cold outside. Other times it’s cold inside, when the building manager keeps the air conditioning cranked to a chilly 30 degrees — at least it seems like it. Whether it’s just a little too cold or chilly enough to stiffen your fingers, these USB powered gloves are perfect for the task. They warm up your hands but fold away from the fingertips so you can keep on typing.

3. USB Memory Watch

These days the modern office is just as much on the go as it is in a cubicle. That means you have to carry your important data with you. Thumb drives are small and easily forgotten or lost. With this USB watch, you’ll never forget your data. It performs all the normal functions of a wristwatch, and can store several gigabytes of important data wherever you go.

4. USB Humidifier

Offices can be dry and dusty places. Anyone who suffers from allergies or dry skin knows this can get quite irritating. The last thing anyone needs is more reasons to be grumpy in the workplace. This miniature humidifier is powered by USB and can moisturize the air in your cubicle so you don’t suffer. You can even add fragrances to spice up the dull ozone scent of computers and office equipment.

5. USB Cup Warmer

Just about anything can be done with the power of a USB port. This little platform is no larger than a coaster, but plug it in and it’ll work like a tiny hotplate and heat your drink back up to drinkable temperature. Other versions can do cooling as well, to keep your beverage at the perfect temperature no matter what it is.

6. 24-port USB

If you’re getting a few of the gadgets on this list, you might discover that your PC doesn’t have as many USB ports as you have devices to plug into them. It’s the same story with power strips, just a different form of cable. The perfect solution is this monster 24 port USB hub. Turn one USB plug into 24 and power all your devices at once. Just don’t use them all at once or you might draw more power than your computer allows.

7. Click free Automatic Backup Hard Drive

The absolute last thing you want when working on a computer is to lose your data to a hard drive failure. Backing up your data is the smart thing to do, and this click-free hard drive makes it easy. Just plug it in, set it up, and let it do it’s thing. You’ll never have to worry about lost data again. It’s 500 gigabyte capacity means you’ll be hard-pressed to fill it up before you retire.

8. Livescribe Smartpen

Sometimes you’re at a meeting and there’s just too much going on at once. Taking notes without shorthand is an exercise is playing catch-up, and shorthand is a dying art. Thankfully, there’s this Smartpen. Not only does it allow you to write, but it stores audio and captures notes for you. You can even share the notes online with other attendees, or just keep them for reference.

So there you have it. Eight useful gadgets for the office environment. Pick up a few of them and you’re well on the way to a modern and comfortable future in the office. Just remember to do some actual work too!

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